The goal to fund cancer research at the University of Alberta begun when Kate Gallagher decided to organize the worlds longest hockey game, in the midst of the cold, Kate decided to start this great adventure with the goal that the proceeds from the game will be used to fund the cancer research at the university. The game began on the 4th of February 2021 and lasted 252 hours right there in Alberta, Canada;

The game was comprised of two teams one which is the "Team Cure" and the other "Team Hope", both teams were to play against each other till the end of the game, the freezing cold caused sticks to break and pucks to shatter, amidst all odds the "Team Cure" won with 2,649 goals while the "Team Hope" had 2,528 goals.

The hockey game raised more than $1.4 million surpassing the $1.2 million goals, Kate called the freezing cold and the breaking sticks part of the adventure and furthermore mentioned the exceptionalities of the players as she called them warriors and not just mere players.

The organizers plan to send the videos of the games to the Guinness World records as it has been the longest hockey game on earth so far as the world is concerned.


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